One Brand - Two strong Ranges


Two strong tool ranges aligned under one strong brand. With GEDORE and GEDORE red our customers now have the choice. Which range does meet your requirements best?

Crimp Wrench 8158

Reliable Crimping

Cable cutting, wire stripping an crimping? No problem with the power-saving and ergonomically shaped crimp wrench of GEDORE.
The crimp wrench made of high-strength special steel, suitable for right and left-handers, has an autmomatic cross section adjustment from 0.08 to 16.00 mm² / AWG 28-5 without adjustment.

Crimp wrench for conductor end-sleeves

GEDORE South Africa

Track and rallye racing

Maximum motor power: the Shield Racing team counts on GEDORE South Africa when it all comes down to the track.

The success story continues

A short film about the history of GEDORE.