GEDORE tools keeping things safe on the rides at the Movie Park Bottrop

Breathtaking action. No risks

The more breathtaking the ride, the higher the demands on its safety. That's why the Movie Park at Bottrop puts its faith in the highest safety standards and in the premium tools by GEDORE for the maintenance of its rides.

U-20 reversible ratchet. 100 percent reliable screw connections

Film highlights and spectacular action – at the Movie Park Bottrop, Germany's biggest film and entertainment park, visitors can plunge down 60 m in the drop tower, and experience an extreme roller coaster feeling.

Top speeds of 100 km/h, extreme loops and upside-down rides demand the ultimate in safety technology and extremely careful maintenance – the responsibility for which rests on the shoulders of the Movie Park's 40 specially trained technicians. Which is why they opt for uncompromising quality. Especially when it comes to their tools. Such as GEDORE's proven 1993 U-20 reversible ratchet, which they use to secure the seats of the inverted roller coaster with complete safety.

GEDORE Umsteckknarre im Einsatz im Movie Park Bottrop

Premium tools

Safety. Without compromise
GEDORE Dremometer im Einsatz im Movie Park Bottrop

Perfect screw tightening. Even in tight spaces

The small, drop-shaped head of the U-20 ratchet guarantees safe screw tightening even in the most confined spaces. Fine toothing, lever-change, push-button release and anti-slip 2-component grip with hanging hole ensure that this ratchet is easy to handle.

GEDORE's large-calibre tools are used on the fist-sized screws of the roller coaster struts, which is where the torque wrench scores for its absolute precision.

"GEDORE tools are of the very best quality, and enable us to work safety, ergonomically and efficiently – so we can optimally fulfil the tremendously high safety requirements that apply to our rides," sum up the Movie Park technicians.