GEDORE on track

GEDORE South Africa

Track and rallye racing

Maximum motor power: the Shield Racing team counts on GEDORE South Africa when it all comes down to the track.

GEDORE South Africa

Causing a stir at national racing championships

Successful cooperation

Whenever the Shield racing team is turning their rounds one can see the big blue GEDORE logo on the team cars. Since 1964 they have been racing at national and regional level in South Africa - GEDORE joined the project as product sponsor in 2014.

Track und Rallye Racing

Fast cars on dirty racing tracks

Supported by their main sponsor Shield Chemicals, George Smalberger, Chris Brand and the other team members participate at most race tracks in South Africa during the year.

With their Golf 5 GTI, Shield racing competes in the Extreme Supercar Series - and finished the season as class champion in 2013. In the National and Northern Regions Rallye, the smaller VW Polo is the car of choice.

Practical test: passed


George Smalberger, Chris Brand and their team besides their driving and mechanical skills rely on their tools - good performance also depends on good equipment. When it comes to car repair and maintenance, GEDORE is the product partner to count on. To guarantee a high quality service for their Golf GTI and Polo, GEDORE has been providing the one or the other "care package" - for example their tool trolley 1525 + 1425 comprehensive.