GEDORE in use with the DB Rail Construction Group

Track construction. Really easy

The DB Rail Construction Group ensures that trains can roll on Germany's entire rail network. With the universal cordless railway torque wrench LDB-10 by GEDORE, track constructions are now even quicker, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Multi functional. Clean Universal cordless railways torque wrench

Three tools in one. That's efficiency

For a long time, screwing tracks together was a tough, noisy, dirty job. However, that is now a think of the past thanks to the universal cordless railway torque wrench, developed in collaboration with the DB Rail Construction Group. It is quiet, efficient and absolutely accurate in use. Instead of being powered by a noisy petrol engine, it runs on a quiet, 16 kW, 48 V dc engine. The power is provided by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery of almost 500 watt-hours.

The modular track wrench weighs only 17.2 kg, which means it can easily be operated and transported by only one person. This complete solutions replaces three tools: the classic bolting machine, the impact screwdriver and the sleeper drill.

GEDORE Torque Solutions Gleisbauschrauber LDB im Einsatz bei der Deutschen Bahn

Two screws in one turn

Precise. Full power

The LDB-10 covers a torque range from 150 to 1100 Nm, works with absolute accuracy, and achieves 160 rpm. However, there is no need for the user to set the Newtons, but simply selects the type of track being connected in the colour display. This is easy and saves time.

Screw heads running synchronously tighten two screws at the same time. For safe and correct screw connections, the railway torque wrench has an electronic control that is calibrated for any tightening situation and is operated via the colour display.

The universal cordless railway track wrench LDB-10 by GEDORE is suitable for all vertical and horizontal screw connections in rail superstructures and for points maintenance. These tools have been in use, successfully and inexpensively, since 2013.

GEDORE Torque Solutions Ansicht LDB Bahnschrauber Horizontalschrauber mit Protokoll