GEDORE tools at the World Solar Challenge 2015

Always. Ready

Not only future-orientated and fast, but also completely reliable: at the World Solar Challenge 2015 in Australia, the SunRiser, the new solar vehicle created by the University of Bochum, came third in the Cruiser Class. Always on hand: GEDORE tools.

Strong and reliable

Any time. Any place

Vehicle check in the desert. (Photo: Bochum University)

Indestructible. Essential

"The quality standard for tools"
GEDORE im Einsatz Solar Car Challenge Werkstatt

GEDORE – SunRiser team sponsor of many years' standing

During the rally from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south of Australia, high-performance solar cells saw the SunRiser achieve speeds of up to 120 km/h. The 300 km route is extremely challenging but, thanks to its numerous test runs and preliminary tests, the vehicle handled it with complete reliability. A full service was carried out after every run. But our tools proved their worth and their reliability at all times, despite being under tremendous time pressure and having to cope with Australia's dusty environment. "When it comes to tools, GEDORE is simply the benchmark for quality. The tools are strong, durable, and fit perfectly in the hand. We are delighted that we have been able to win GEDORE to supply our tools," says Gerrit Telgmann, director of the mechanics team at the University of Bochum.