GEDORE VDE Torque wrench 4508-05

Working under high voltage

Special tools are required in various industries, not just electronics, for working on live components and conductors. As well as VDE Pliers, GEDORE's range of insulated tools includes the VDE Torque wrench 4508-05.

The ultra-precise measuring instrument for controlled screw tightening is suitable for working under voltage in the automotive industry, telecommunications and a whole range of special applications in, for instance, foundries. The latest generation of the GEDORE VDE Torque wrench 4508-05 is based on the established pipe torque TORCOFIX, which has been in GEDORE's programme for a long time in versions for various torque ranges. GEDORE has optimised the predecessor with the proven release technology of the TORCOFIX. Furthermore, users benefit from the GEDORE service: the GEDORE VDE Torque wrench is easy to adjust and calibrate, and includes a calibration certificate to the current version of DIN EN ISO 6789.

Product benefits

Main benefits
  • Controlled screw tightening on live components and conductors
  • Protection against short circuits
  • Protects staff against electric shocks
  • Certified traceable measuring tool (for own documentation to DIN EN ISO 9001)


Additional benefit
  • The rubber and plastic coating protects delicate surfaces

Wide range of applications

From the automotive industry to special applications

  • Maritime: Working on running engines
  • Rail: Working on signal boxes
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive industry
  • Public utilities: Cable connections
  • Telecommunications: Working on communication cables
  • Repairs and maintenance of machinery and equipment
  • Special applications (induction furnaces, foundries etc.)

Product features

Certified and calibrateable

  • Controlled screw tightening over a range of 10-50 N•m
  • 1/2" square drive
  • +/-3% tolerance from the set value to DIN EN ISO 6789:2017
  • Safety button to protect against accidental release of the insert
  • Calibration while insulation remains intact (service capability)
  • 100% VDE-tested including certificate
  • VDE insulation up to 1000 V, to EN60900 / IEC60900
  • Set by turning the handle
  • Locking function to protect adjustment
  • Scale graduation 0.25 N•m
GEDORE Services


As the VDE Torque wrench 4508-05 is a measuring tool, we recommend regular calibration as per DIN EN ISO 6789:2017. GEDORE provides specialist follow-on services for your GEDORE VDE Torque wrench 4508-05:


  • Calibration service to DIN EN ISO 6789:2017
  • VDE check after calibration with certificate