Tool Trolleys and Workbenches by GEDORE

GEDORE have been known for tool trolleys and workbenches for various applications since 1954. Especially early models like Inspector and Adjutant are classics among tool industry.

Technical evolution of tool trolleys and workbenches has given birth to features and functions which are GEDORE standard today. Examples are powder coating, precision ball bearings, and the GEDORE high quality chassis.

Always keeping an eye on the operator it is tool trolleys and workbenches in different sizes und drawer dimensions that make the GEDORE range special. Daily workshop routine also makes necessary flexible aids and side-kicks which enable clean and quick working. All tool trolleys and workbenches are compatible with GEDORE tool modules and are made to be accessorised individually.

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Features & Functions

See all characteristics and functions of our GEDORE tool trolleys.

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Module System - Combine as per Diagram

The many different module variants ensure that tool trolleys and mobile workbenches are equipped as individually required to bring about an exact arrangement of tools for the jobs on hand.

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Drawer size with equipping raster

What size is my drawer? All tool trolleys and workbenches with drawer dimensions on this page or as download PDF.

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Module variants for equipping tools individually

Module variants and distance modules for equipping tools individually displayed on this page or as download PDF.

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Allocation Diagram

Which module matches my drawer? The allocation diagram shows detailed insert-drawer compability. View on this page or download a PDF.

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Configuration Examples

Find some helpful examples of equipped drawers on this page or download our PDF.

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Best-possible quality for the highest demands placed

  • Whether mobile or stationary: indispensable aids, in fact, for therough-and-ready of workshop routine
  • Extremely robust, scratch and impact-resistant, corrosion-proofand easy to care for
  • Durable and highly resilient with stability of the highest-order
  • Numerous models to reflect use and individual requirements
  • Varied, optional accessories available for flexibly extendingall the basic models
  • Specific colours (RAL) and outfits on request
  • Use of the most up-to-date machinery and environmentally-friendlyproduction processes
  • The basis is tightly-controlled and choice sheet steel
  • Experienced and reliable specialists vouch for precision-like processing
  • Stringent quality checks after each production step ensure aconstantly high level
  • Best-possible industrial quality for those extreme levels ofconstant use and conditions subjected to
  • Professional service up to the development of special customised tools

1. Powdercoating

In GEDORE blue for a corrosion resistant, scratch-proof body.

2. Load capacity and drawers

Load capacity from 40 up to 70 kg per drawer.

3. Smooth running and high-performance wheels

Keep your trolley smooth running, track-keeping and manoeuvable.

4. Impact protection

Protects trolley and surroundings.

5. Individual drawer locking

Prevents unwanted opening and accidential tipping.

6. Central locking

Prevents unauthorised access.

7. Square perforation

For additional holders and asseccories, 10 x 38 mm.

8. Heel protection edge

Allows the trolley to be safely pulled and pushed.

9. Total brake

Ensures safe parking and prevents unwanted movement.

1. Powder coating

  • This coating method guarantees a high level of corrosion protection,combined with tough scratch resistance
  • Powder coating is kind on the environment. Unused powder is reclaimed in the plant.
  • No solvent is used
  • Special colours available on request

2. Load capacity & drawers

  • The load capacity of the drawers is from 40 kg
  • Models 2004*, 2005, 1502, 1504*, 1504 XL, 1506 XL: The bottom drawer is designed as heavy-duty drawer, load capacity 60 kg
  • The ball-bearing drawer slides ensure safe and easy sliding of the drawers, even when loaded to full capacity
  • Full extension improves access

* apart from 2004 1000, 1504 1000

3. Smooth running & high-performance wheels

Smooth running wheel (swivel castor)
  • Tyres made from solid rubber
  • The precision ball bearing consists of balls which run between an inner and outer ring
  • Well-proven under extreme loads and at high speeds


High-performance wheel (fixed castor)
  • Tyres made from solid rubber, high load capacity, resistant to abrasion
  • The rim is made from high-quality casting
  • The roller bearing consists of roller made of steel or stainless steel within a cage, which rotate between the axle tube and the wheel hub
  • The GEDORE smooth running and high-performance wheels keep, even under maximum load, the following features: smooth running, track-keeping and manoeuvrability

4. Impact protection

  • The vertical impact protection protects the trolley and anything it comes into contact with from damage
  • It also protects other equipment in the workshop or vehicles from inadvertent contact

5. & 6. Individual & central locking

Individual drawer locking
  • In addition to the central locking, each drawer has its own separate latch to prevent unwanted opening, when being moved
  • The latch is automatically released by a tilting bar when the drawer is opened
  • The single latch automatically engages when the drawer closes


Central locking
  • One central lock for all drawers and doors
  • Safe and easy handling

7. Square perforation

  • The square perforation in the side walls enable quick access to frequently used tools
  • GEDORE holders and trays are simply clipped in

8. & 9. Heel protection edge and total brake

Heel protection edge
  • all-round heel protection by rounded edges on the underside allows tool trolley or workbench to be safely pulled and pushed


Total brake
  • Prevents unwanted movement and turning of the wheel
  • Ensures safe parking of the trolley or workbench

The fields of use for the GEDORE range of tools are just as varied as the tools themselves. The GEDORE modular system has been devised to provide the employee at his
place of work with an optimally matched set of tools and a maximum of flexibility in their selection.

The many different module variants ensure that tool trolleys and mobile workbenches are equipped as individually required to bring about an exact arrangement of tools for the jobs on hand. Innumerable combination possibilities result from the large selection of pre-configured modules. GEDORE also has an ideal solution on hand for those special cases and requirements not covered by the module range in the form of the iMOD supply offer. It allows for an individual design of the tool modules, precision-adjustment to one’s own needs and also ensures a perfect tool arrangement.

The basic grid

A joint basic raster depicts the drawer sizes and module variants. The drawers (blue) - depending on the raster involved - can be individually combined with the tool and distance modules (in colour).

Drawer size with equipping raster of the tool trolleys and mobile workbenches

Module variants for equipping tools individually

ALLOCATION DIAGRAM - Insert-drawer compatibility

Configuration examples