Mobile tool systems MIXX & CLICK and WorkMO

The Hand tool specialist in the L-BOXX®

The perfect "To Go" workshop

The Task:
  • Tools, machines and material must be easily, safely, quickly and conveniently transported.
  • Lengthy loading times must be avoided. Guaranteed load securing ensured!

2 strong partner
- 1 system

For your safety
  • Did you know that in an accident a screwdriver develops an 8 kg impacting load ?
  • And in no way is a screwdriver a heavy tool ! It is easy to envisage how a screwdriver or hammer turns into a projectile in an accident !
  • The GEDORE L-BOXX®es are fully compatible with Sortimo® vehicle fittings
  • GEDORE L-BOXX® quality is constantly examined on the basis of the strict Sortimo® directives. Sortimo® has its quality endorsed through crash tests organised by TÜV.
  • If it comes to the worst, at least the tools stay where they belong - securely in their GEDORE L-BOXX®
Your advantage
  • Intelligent order systems
  • Flexible, modular and individual
  • Ideal for mobile deployments
  • Diverse and highly efficient
  • Quick accessing of tools - perfect organisation
  • Transport box standard - e.g. compatible with electrical tool manufacturers
  • Guaranteed safety

Die Lösung

More details

The solution

  • Well-conceived tool assortments and tool modules in the Sortimo®-Transportbox system
  • GEDORE L-BOXX® 136 with front grip and GEDORE i-BOXX® 72 powered by Sortimo® form the tried-and-tested basis for GEDORE "MIXX AND CLICK"
  • Every GEDORE L-BOXX® is supplied with a tool card in the lid for order and more storage space
  • Perfectly suited for mobile deployments - that's the "To Go" workshop
Multiple compatibility and thus extremely flexible and highly individualised:
  • The GEDORE "MIXX AND CLICK" kit features untold combinations based on your requirements and also on the modules of other manufacturers (e.g. electrical tools /Bosch)
  • This in combination with other Sortimo® components (transport boxes and system components) gives rise to a well organised mobile workshop
  • Perfectly tailored to your personal needs

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