Universal cordless railway torque wrench LDB

Innovative railway torque wrench for one-person use

accurate and uncomplicated

  • Track connections are easier than ever
  • Low weight means it can be operated by one person
  • Quiet and efficient in operation

Accurate screw connections Perfect ergonomics Trail-blazing innovation

Joining tracks used to be a job that called for four men working under difficult conditions. Now all it requires is our universal cordless railway torque wrench LDB. This lightweight of only 17 kg can be operated and transported by just one person. The railway torque wrench combines bolting machine, impact screwdriver and drill in one piece of equipment, and covers a torque range of 150 to 1.00 Nm. It achieves 160 rpm and, because it is cordless, is extremely quiet in operation. The high precision of its screw connections also prevent damage to concrete sleepers.

  • High-performance 48 V lithium-ion rechargeable battery – a single charge is enough for 1400 screw connections
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical use
  • Adjusts to the type of track being worked on – all standard superstructure screw connections are stored
  • User-friendly operation
GEDORE Torque Solutions Ansicht LDB Bahnschrauber

LDB functions

Watch the functions of our LDB-10 on this video.