Alu-Dremometer universal torque wrench


Sturdy lightweight

  • Precision torque wrench for lots of different applications
  • Controlled right/left tightening between 6 and 3000 Nm
  • Long service life even when subjected to extreme continuous use

Unbeatable classic – for more than 50 years

For universal use Strong and reliable The original

For more than 50 years, our Alu-Dremometer has guaranteed controlled and safe screw tightening in almost any installation situation – regardless of where you apply the force. The user-friendly design prevents unintentional adjustment of the torque figure. Maximum precision, durability and reliability – even with high constant use – are the trademarks of our classic.

  • Excellent design for safe, fault-free use
  • Easy, user-friendly torque adjustment for reliable working
  • Non-losable hexagon key in the handgrip
  • Strong, high-strength yet light, long-lasting aluminium alloy
5 strong arguments speak for our classic:
Argument 1: Precision exceeding the standard

Our Alu- DREMOMETER ensures a controlled and secure screw tightening process with an accuracy of +/- 3 percent of the preset value – Thereby it even surpasses the DIN EN ISO 6789: 2003 standard. It owes this precision to its intelligent design: Both the square drive and the pivot point of the drive are on one axis. Thereby the set torque is applied always absolutely accurate and there will be no shift in value. 

Argument 2: Faultless operation

Regardless of where and how the force is applied, whether in the middle of the handle or at any different position, whether applied with both hands or by using an extension tube, the Alu - DREMOMETER will operate without fault. With the unique common-axis arrangement of the fulcrum and the drive square, the set torque value is always exactly attained when tightening. There will be no off-set shift or reduction in accuracy. 

Argument 3: Legendary reliability - even under the toughest conditions

Again and again we witness the appearance of DREMOMETER from the 60s and 70s that still function properly. The long service life of this classic is due to of its light but solid all-metal structure of a tough, high strength aluminium alloy. Therefore it is perfectly suited for use on construction sites, in workshops and industry. 

Added advantage 4: Perfect ergonomics for safe working

Thanks to its aluminium construction the DREMOMETER persuades with low weight and a sophisticated, user-friendly design. It rests safely and comfortably in the hand of the operator. A captive adjustment button at the end of the handle facilitates the correct torque setting and it enables secure, error-free operation. 

Added advantage 5: Big variety - and application diversity

This universal torque wrench is available for applications 6-3000 N.m. The models can be equipped with different drives for different applications: for example, with a single square drive for controlled clockwise tightening or a double-square drive for controlled bi-directional tightening.

Operates without inaccuracies

Thanks to the unique single-axis location of the centre of rotation and the output square drive

Wherever you apply the force, whether in the middle of the handle or elsewhere on the DREMOMETER, with both hands or using an extension tube, the torque setting is always attained – with no shifts in values. Thanks to the unique single-axis location of the centre of rotation and the output square drive, the DREMOMETER is a tool that can be used without errors. Unlike other torque wrenches, this single lever facilitates tightening without shifts of the measured value and without interference caused by activation outside of the handgrip.

However, value shifts are possible when activating the DREMOMETER with special wrenches or when using wrenches with different depth gauges.

Principle of function of the Dremometer

Long-term precision
GEDORE Dremometer Funktionsprinzip

The lever chain, which is produced in the group's own quality drop forge, reduces the load on the mechanism to the minimum. The optimally matched dimensions of the individual levers are what give the DREMOMETER its unique precision and make it so long-lasting.

(1) Position of the lever chain without impact of force (in starting position).

(2) Position of the lever chain with impact of force before the set torque is achieved. The force is transferred from the primary lever to the intermediary and final lever until the final lever slips past the so-called release lever through the sliding back of the angle-lever body.

(3) Position of the lever chain with impact of force after the set torque is achieved. Direct position after the "click" that is distinctly heard and felt. The lever chain returns to the basic position (1) when the load is removed.


Setting the torque on the Dremometer
GEDORE Dremometer Einstellung Drehmoment

Setting the torque to N·m or lbf·in /lbf·ft using the non-losable hexagon key in the handgrip. The smooth-running mechanism enables the setting to be made quickly without significant force needing to be applied.

All the benefits at a single glance

Square drive

In the DREMOMETER, the output square drive and the pivot point of the primary lever are situated on a single axis.

Advantage: The absolute precision is always maintained. Even if the tool is operated outside the handgrip or with an extension pipe.
This ensures a high degree of user safety; can be extended to reduce the user's working load.

Lever chain

The integrated lever chain reduces the strain on the measuring mechanics to a minimum, which means that the measuring mechanics can be constructed with much greater sensitivity.

Advantage: High precision and a long lifetime.
Extremely low wear and long service life

Double square drive

On request, our DREMOMETER (except type F) can be provided with a double square drive. Separate ratchet heads are also available for almost all models (except type F).

Advantage: Controlled counter-clockwise tightening and working in very narrow spaces are possible without any problems.


Two scales on each DREMOMETER indicate N·m and the common US unit of torque measurement (apart from types E - F).

Advantage: Exact reading even in lbf·in or lbf·ft. Easy operation - fast and safe torque tightening


The nice-to-hold handgrip enables safe work and less operator fatigue. The full-metal construction makes DREMOMETER models particularly robust.

Advantage: High level of dependability even under tough continuous use

Test certificate

All DREMOMETER models come with a test certificate to DIN EN ISO 6789:2003.

Advantage: guaranteed precision of ± 3% on the scale set torque. The specifications of the standard (± 4 %) are exceeded.