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Blue Deal: 76 highlights and product innovations by GEDORE

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Blue Deal 2018/2019

This means 76 product highlights from the GEDORE range that are now available exclusively from selected retail partners. Find out how you can become a retail partner, and where as a customer you can find a Blue Deal retailer.

Blue Deal is celebrating its première on 1 June 2018. This strong selection of products with GEDORE classics and innovations is available from selected retail partners for customers in Europe.

As a retail partner, Blue Deal GEDORE offers you attractive sales benefits that you can pass on to your customers. Among the 76 products that are "Made by GEDORE", you will find the latest workshop trolley WSL-M, the new pliers wrench, practical wrench sets, the new torsion bit set and a wide range of pliers.

Secure the GEDORE innovations and  classics at Blue Deal conditions for your professional or home workshop. Your local specialist retailer will be able to provide you with competent, individual advice as well as the Blue Deal range of products.

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GEDORE offers its partners in the specialist trade special conditions and a comprehensive POS concept to address customers from industry, trade and DIY. Talk to us.

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From pullers, practical tool ranges and workshop trolleys to pliers wrenches: the Blue Deal contains popular GEDORE classics and innovations. Find out more about the offer now – and find your local Blue Deal dealer.

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