High-torque pneumatic screwdriver series LPK/LPK-X

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The high-torque pneumatic wrench

LPK series

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The high-torque pneumatic wrench

LPX series

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The high-torque pneumatic wrench

LPK series

Robust, light, perfect

Product information

The high-torque pneumatic screwdriver series LPK/LPK-X

80 - 12,800 Nm

The pneumatic torque wrench is a further alternative in high-torque screwing technology.

In conjunction with the LÖSOMAT maintenance unit, it provides a consistently high performance and precision in all screw tightening activities. The ergonomic 360°-rotating pistol handle with easy right/left switchover is extremely comfortable to use.

The X series for a higher screw tightening speed

The LPK-X series has a 2-gear planet gear. The user can choose between rapid and power speed. With a speed of up to 300 rpm, at rapid speed the screw is inserted to the joining moment. After that, power speed tightens the screw to the exact torque. Every pneumatic torque wrench comes with its own test certificate.