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Two strong tool ranges aligned under one strong brand. With GEDORE and GEDORE red our customers now have the choice. Which range does meet your requirements best?

Torsion bit set 666-042

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Bits can really try your patience: connections are often worked mechanically which causes wear; bolt heads fray, or the bit keeps slipping out of the screw head. Bits with a torsion zone are ideal for use in powered screwdrivers as they optimally cushion the loads and absorb peak torques. They are twist-proof, which makes them extremely durable. Bolt and machine are protected, which greatly increases the lifetimes. The new 42-piece torsion bit set contains a universal composition of bits in 3 different lengths and 2 driver adapters for 1/4" and 3/8" drive.

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A short film about the history of GEDORE.