Workshop supplies

Workshop equipment
Tyre fitting / removal
  • Wheel wrenches for cars, vans, trucks, agricultural machines, tractors, industrial use and heavy machines
  • GEDORE vanadium steel 31CrV3
  • GEDORE grey powder-coated double-ended wheel wenches for truck Large head depth for protruding bolts, without tommy bar, tyre lever and balance weight pliers
  • Brake spring pliers for drum brakes with special holder and support crown, ideal suitable for glued brake linings, brake caliper brushes and brake caliper files
Oil service
  • 298-00 / 298-01 Plastic oil can with movable brass pipe and closure
  • 298-02 Simple oil can in plastic
  • Strong, cast iron pattern with pump, 300 ml

Drain plug wrench for engine sumps and oil drums with nine common square plugs


  • GEDORE vanadium steel 31CrV3, chrome-plated
  • 5 square sizes: 8.7 · 9.5 · 10.5 · 11.5 · 13 mm
  • 4 tapered sizes: 6.8-8.7 · 10.5-13 · 15.2-18 · 16.5-19 mm
  • Screwdriver blade: 5.5 x 18 mm
V-belts / filters

Strap wrench

  • With strong, non-slip fabric strap (E-36), extra wide = 25 mm
  • 36 1-140 made from C45 steel
  • 36 2-200 made from GEDORE vanadium steel 31CrV3
  • Chrome-plated
  • Spare fabric strap available

Special strap wrench

  • For tightening and counter-holding V-belt pulley wheels
  • Spare strap E-36 Z

Universal filter wrench

  • For all usual oil filters and round screwed unions
  • Adjustable metal strap, nickel-plated
  • with handle
Valve grinder
  • With automatic lapping direction reversal
  • For clamping in hand drills
  • Supplied with suction cups 652-20, -25, -30, -37
Valve lapping tool
  • Hand-held type with suction cup 652-25
  • Beech wood handle
Pliers for valve seals
  • For pulling valve shaft sealing rings and removing valve spring supports
  • For VW Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Ford, Nissan etc.
  • Gun-metal finish, handles chrome-plated
Valve spring compressor
  • For overhead valve engines
  • With one pair each of straight and offset hooks
  • Bright nickel-plated
Piston ring compressor
  • In special band spring steel, with continuous adjustment
  • With clamping wrench
Piston ring pliers
  • With prism holder for secure fitting of piston rings
  • with adjusting screw
  • Bright nickel-plated
Hose clamp pliers

Various designs available

Workshop equipment
Voltage tester

Car light tester

  • For testing 6-24 Volt
  • Compact brass model
  • With cable and alligator crimp


Voltage tester

  • For testing 3-48 Volt
  • Use: cars, utility vehicles
  • LED displays the voltage in the ranges of 12, 24, 48 V as well as the polarity
  • With integrated piercing probe for use in confined areas
  • TÜV and GS tested, IEC / EN 61010-1 (DIN VDE 0411)
  • Dimensions: 145 x 25 x 16 mm
  • Protection classification IP40, protection class III
Suction cup lifter
  • Suction cup lifter with 2 and 3 heads with and without joint
  • Mini magnetic lifter, magnetic lifter and claw gripper
Spark plugs
  • Spark plug socket wrench and socket
  • Available with and without magnet
  • Also available in practical sets
Bodywork tool sets
  • 8 or 12 pieces
  • Well-chosen workshop assortment for universal use
  • In sheet steel case

The most diverse files and deburrers available


Wide range of saws available

Small metal saws, hacksaws, hobby saws and more

Parallel vices
  • Sturdy forged design
  • Jaws and anvil plate induction hardened
  • Protected vice spindle
  • Adjustable guide
  • Enamelled blue
  • Spare jaws available
Measuring Tools
  • Different measuring tools
Screw extractors
  • For extracting broken screws and bolts with threads M5 - M16
Bolt extractor
  • For removing broken screws, bolts and tube ends
  • Made from high-grade chrome-vanadium steel, tempered, 54-56 HRC
  • Lower unscrewing torques thanks to the revised cross-section geometry
  • Reduced drilling depth thanks to an optimised thread length
  • Greater safety for user and component alike
  • Larger application range, time-saving
  • Also available in practical sets
Tap and die set
  • In plastic case
  • Dimensions: 275 x 150 x 42 mm
  • For internal threads M3 - M6
  • For external threads M3 - M6, max. 40 mm long
  • Ratchet drive system with extension unit
  • Additional guide sleeve for dies to ensure accurately aligned thread cutting along the bar axis, with swarf collector
  • Drives: ratchet with extension
  • Tools for external threads: Tap holder with guides and M3-M6 taps
  • Tools for internal threads: quick-action chuck with M3-M6 taps
  • Accessories: Fixing screws and angle screwdriver
Workshop equipment

Three-edged curved bearing scraper (long scraper), American pattern, three-edged hollow ground scraper, flat scraper, hard metal tip flat scraper, gasket scraper, three-edged flat ground scraper

Arc punches
  • DIN 7200, Form A
  • For stamping out cardboard, leather, rubber, sealing materials and other soft materials
  • Cutting edge hardened
  • Shaft enamelled blue
Tin snips

Tin snips, hole cutting snips, ideal pattern snips, pelican pattern snips, figure snips

Work gloves

Work gloves FastFit

  • For universal use
  • Close fit for retention of feel and dexterity
  • Stage 5 classification as per EN 420/03 (scale from 0 - 5)
  • Kind to the skin
  • Rugged imitation leather and synthetic material

Work gloves M-Pact

  • For heavy duty use
  • Optimum fit for retention of feel and dexterity
  • Stage 5 classification as per EN 420/03 (scale from 0 - 5)
  • Rubber reinforced finger tips
  • Adjustable Velcro fasteners on the cuffs
  • Additional knuckle protectors
  • Ergonomic palm reinforcement
  • Rugged imitation leather and synthetic material
Tool bags
  • Useful helpers for tradesmen
  • Bags, belts, holders, rucksacks and protectors