High-quality tools for agricultural machines and utility vehicles

Reliable tools for tough situations

Powerful. Forged

Agricultural machines and utility vehicles need to be able to cope with extreme loads. This means that tools need to be able to do the same.

Agricultural technology: working under extreme conditions

Tools for the agricultural industry must offer the highest precision and safety; be particularly powerful, strong and durable, and be able to provide the services even under the toughest conditions. After all, the various jobs in this industry, for instance the harvest, take place over a very short period of time, which leaves little time for repairs and maintenance.

Strong forged tools

Thanks to our extensive forging competence, we are able to offer you strong and accurate premium tools that will work reliably even under the toughest conditions. Our drop-forged tools such as spanners, sockets, ratchets, pliers and pullers are especially strong and tough, but are also low-wearing and strong and offer you the maximum safety. This applies in particular to our High-Power puller 1.04, which has cross-beams with a reinforced bending moments that can support loads of up to 15 tons.

Specialists in confined spaces

Agricultural machines are also becoming increasingly complex, working spaces increasingly confined. This can make it difficult to reach screws, or to grip them, and in the worst case they can get lost inside the machine. Our special tools for confined spaces help here. Our U-3 or U20 ratchets only require a low return or working angle. Our grip wrench 137 easily loosens even hard-to-access and especially tight screw connections. The extra long shaft of our combination spanner set 7 XL enables it to reach even lower working areas, as does our extra long swivel head ratchet 1993 GU-10 XL, which scores for its maximum torque of 600 Nm. And our extension 1990 M with holding magnet ensures that lost screws are a thing of the past.

Clever solutions for work organisation

In order for our high-quality tools to be where they are needed quickly and without the need for long searches, we also offer clever solutions for flexible and efficient work organisation in the form of our Mixx & Click modular system and the GEDORE WorkMo, our mobile workshop to go.