Forging competence

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Forging competence

For more than 150 years

We forge parts for life with the greatest care, clever ergonomics and from the best materials. High-quality tools are our core competence. Many of them are forged. As one of the world's leading brands for premium tools, GEDORE stands for...

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Forged individual Solutions - made by GEDORE


Custom-fit individual forged parts by GEDORE - that's iForge. Our customers benefit from our competence in forging that has developed over 150 years.

Engineered by GEDORE

High-Quality tools

We always use first-class materials, and our tools far exceed the requirements. A modern machine park, first-class staff and optimum processes ensure that the production process works to the maximum.

The reliability of our tools is another important factor. Because we are fully aware of all this, and as sustainability is of the utmost importance to us in every respect, our customers can be sure even after decades that they will still be able to obtain forged parts in series or as spares from us. This is what investment safety has looked like at GEDORE for generations.

Lots of our products are forged. The GEDORE Group can look back on around 150 years of tradition in forging. During this time, we have gained comprehensive know-how into constructions and developments, materials, manufacturing processes and quality checks. Thanks to our years of experience and in-depth specialist knowledge of our staff, customers can count on forged parts in GEDORE's customary quality: for safer, more productive working all over the world.

Save and productive working - worldwide

iForge - GEDORE´s forging service

From development to the finished product - everything under the same roof

Quality gets around. It's no coincidence that numerous customers from the most diverse branches of industry count on GEDORE's proven forging competence, and many of them have been having their forged items made in Remscheid for decades. In the iForge division, GEDORE offers individual forging solutions that are made with absolute precision for every branch of industry, in smallest to large series. From the development construction, die manufacture in our own tool construction department to the actual forged item and any additional processing, GEDORE does everything under one roof.

Engineering skills and good planning

Development and construction

The foundation stone for the GEDORE forged items

GEDORE's typical high quality starts in the development and construction of forged items, their manufacturing tools and devices.

Individual economical manufacturing strategies ensure that every forged part can be made using the minimum amount of material – with no impairment of form, function or stability.

Using leading forge simulations and 3D CAD system, we create customised constructions of forged items and their dies.

Tool construction

Everything from a single source: Precision with the latest technology

GEDORE makes the dies and other manufacturing tools in its own tool construction department. The tool construction department is an important link between construction and the forge, and supports the precise and optimum implementation of our customers' requirements.

The dies are made on modern, high-precision CNC machines. The result: dies of accurate geometry that are the base for forged items made in full accordance with the drawings.

Interplay between Tradition and technology


GEDORE's heart beats in its forge. This is where the company's modern, automated double-acting hammers and an almost 100-year-old pneumatic hammer stand close together to offer the maximum possible flexibility in the implementation of our customers' requirements.

The forge combines inductive and conventional heating options. This enables it to process all the standard material cross sections in almost any standard type of material:

  • Carbon steels
  • Heat-treated steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Corrosion-resistant steels
  • Round and square Aluminium steels


If required, regardless of the geometry of the forged parts, we may also use so-called blanks that are stamped on a press from flat steel on special devices, and that help to optimise material use.


The material laboratory

Having its own materials laboratory makes a tremendous difference for GEDORE. Before raw materials are released for forging, they are first thoroughly checked by means of spectral analysis. There are also carry out random samples for non-metallic inclusions, and supplier audits.

The forging furnaces

The forging furnaces reach temperatures of up to 1300 degrees. Every day, GEDORE's process mechanics insert several tens of thousands of steel blanks in the hammer dies and forging shells of the rimming machines. A blank is turned into a tool or tool component under the hammer at up to 40 beats a minute.

Hammer forge
  • Fitted with electronic-oil hydraulic top pressure forging hammers
  • Impact energy between 6 and 125 kj
  • Forged parts weighing from a few grams to approx. 85 kg
  • Open-die forging on a pneumatic hammer
Press forge
  • Horizontal rimming machines with pressing Forces between 125 and 600 t
  • Rotation-symmetrical forged parts in round steel of between approx. 10 and 45 mm diameter

Quality assurance

Reliable to the end

A thorough, efficient final inspection ensures that quality is checked and documented in accordance with customers' requirements.

Before a forged item sets off on its way to you, our employees' own checks and the final check ensure that only items that are absolutely flawless leave the forge and our checks and documented in absolute accordance with our customers' requirements.

If required, we will also carry out a 100% crack test for which our experienced quality checker performs a magnetic powder test under the optimum conditions – on every single forged item.


Tested Partnership

GEDORE's high level of quality is regularly confirmed by certifications from bodies such as Lloyd’s Register (forged items), TÜV guideline 97/23/EG (tested materials manufacturer) and, of course, DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (quality management systems) and DIN EN ISO 50001:2001 (energy management systems) by renowned independent test organisations.

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