High-quality tools for the automotive industry

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Reliable. Flexible

Key features of the working conditions in the automotive industry are a tremendous range of models with frequent model maintenance and short innovations cycles, plus the consistent alignment to efficiency.

Automobile: frequent model maintenance and confined areas

The automobile industry has many and varied requirements with regard to tools: hand and special tools must be, above all, unbeatably precise and safe, absolutely ergonomic and easily available.

As both vehicles and utility vehicles are becoming more and more compact, this of necessity means that the increasingly confined areas pose greater challenges for assembly, maintenance and repairs – which required the corresponding tool solutions. Developments such as electro-mobility and hybrid vehicles and the digitalisation and networking of the production processes and products also demand innovative solutions.

Maximum occupational safety, flexibility and efficiency

We have the tools that meet these requirements. Whether for industry or the vehicle trade, car or utility vehicle: with our comprehensive range of high-quality specialised tools that offer maximum occupational safety, flexibility and efficiency and that work reliably even under extreme conditions, we have already been a valued partner to the automotive industry for many years.

Our DMK and Torcofix torque wrenches, for instance, guarantee safe, precise screw connections. In the electronic torque wrench E-torc Q, we also offer an intelligent tool for quality assurance. Our pullers offer maximum safety during the installation, removal and maintenance of wheel bearings. And pneumatic tools can be used even more effectively with our impact screwdriver sockets.

Other tools that impress when maximum precision is required in the most confined spaces are our U-3 and U-20 ratchets with their low return and working angles, the compact grip wrench 137 for particularly hard-to-access screw connections, and our extension 1990 M with holding magnet, with which you can also reach deeply seated screw connections.

Quick response to new models

Our range contains tools for all vehicle types as well as modular systems and extension kits that enable you to respond quickly to changes resulting from model maintenance. This means that lots of existing tools such as coil spring compressors, wheel bearing tools and injection jet pullers can continue to be used even after model changes. Thanks to our many years of experience and our comprehensive construction and manufacturing know-how, we already have potential updates in our sight when we are constructing our tools.